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Products for light measurements

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  • Anglerfish and Hammerhead form a complete system for measuring the light intensity distributions in integrating spheres as well as for correcting spatial non-uniformity errors in luminous flux measurements.
  • Helios is source meter specifically tailored for accurate solar cell characterizations.

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Fisheye camera method


Fisheye camera method for integrating spheres

If you have an integrating sphere, this is for you. Hehkulab will equip you with a quick and convenient system for measuring light intensity distributions.

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Integrating sphere scanner


Integrating sphere scanner

Easy-to-use integrating sphere scanner for characterizing the spatial uniformity of an integrating sphere. This mapping lowers the uncertainties in luminous flux measurements, since it makes it possible to apply spatial non-uniformity corrections in integrating sphere measurements.

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Solar cell calibrator


Solar cell calibrator New

Source meter for solar cell calibration of photocurrents of up to 10 A. The four-point measurement circuitry enables the compensation of wire and junction resistances which would otherwise generate significant voltage over the measured photovoltaic.

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