Light solutions for light metrology

About the company

Hehkulab is a Finnish, Helsinki-based engineering and consulting company with over thirty years of combined metrology experience [1-19].

Hehkulab helps companies and laboratories to make more accurate light measurements, while increasing their time and cost efficiency. For the clients, this comes with minimal effort, investments, and changes to their existing processes.

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Fisheye camera system
Alexander Kokka
Managing director, D.Sc. (Tech.)
Formerly a research scientist at the Finnish National Metrology Institute for optical quantities. Doctoral dissertation on Spatial and spectral corrections for integrating sphere photometry and radiometry.
Fisheye camera system
Tomi Pulli
Technical director, D.Sc. (Tech.)
Former branch manager for photometry at the National Metrology Institute for optical quantities in Finland. Doctoral dissertation on Improvements in spectroradiometric measurements and applications.
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