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Solar cell calibrator
for accurate characterization of photovoltaics

Helios solar cell calibrator is a tailored solution for accurate characterization of photovoltaics. It combines high current nulling amplifier and current-to-voltage converter with low noise bandpass filtered voltage amplifier. The four-point measurement circuitry enables the compensation of wire and junction resistances which would otherwise generate significant voltage over the measured photovoltaic. Helios provides a direct solution to meet the requirements for photocurrent measurements in spectral responsivity characterization, as specified in IEC 60904-8.

The bandpass filter has selectable gain ranging from 1 to 105, and selectable bandwidth up to 10 kHz. Standard model is suitable for photocurrents up to 10 A and can compensate wire and junction resistances up to 300 mΩ. Higher currents and frequencies are available upon request.

Solar cell calibrator
Solar cell calibrator


Solar cell calibrator

Source meter tailored for photocurrent measurements of a wide range of photovoltaics

  • Suitable for photocurrents up to 10 A
  • Integrated low noise bandpass-filtered amplifier
  • Four wire measurement to compensate wire resistances

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