Light solutions for light metrology

Fisheye camera method
for measuring light intensity distributions in seconds

In a matter of seconds, the Anglerfish system measures the high-resolution light intensity distribution of the lamp or luminaire under test. Our turnkey solution is based on using a fisheye-lens camera with your existing integrating sphere, and comes at a fraction of the investment and operating costs compared to traditional goniophotometers. For the science behind the method, have a look at [1] and [2].

Anglerfish is a standalone system for measuring light intensity distributions. When combined with the spatial uniformity map of the integrating sphere, the fisheye camera method reduces measurement uncertainty in luminous flux measurements. This spatial correction is especially important when measuring LED light sources and other lighting products with non-uniform angular distributions. Spatial uniformity of the integrating sphere can be measured using integrating sphere scanner.

See our fisheye camera method in action. (Music: Something Elated by Broke for Free, CC BY 3.0 US.)
Anglerfish software

The software handles all the necessary image capturing, processing and data analysis automatically. To obtain the luminous intensity distribution, all you need to do is switch the light source on.

The software supports various data exporting options, including IES LM-63 (.ies) and EULUMDAT (.ldt), making it easy to integrate fisheye camera method to your existing data analysis tool chain.

Anglerfish software user interface
Fisheye camera method


Fisheye camera method

Complete system for measuring luminous intensity distributions

  • Calibrated camera and suitable fisheye lens
  • Anglerfish software for capturing and analysing the results
  • Design and manufacturing of the camera/sphere adapter
  • Characterized reference lamp
  • Detailed operating instructions
  • Remote support for and after installation

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